My Joel Salatin MO – Raising Pigs

This is a Joel Salatin on raising hogs. And he raises near 1000. some things I like about it are:

  • he feeds them as much as they want all the time – this fits with my ‘ease of rearing’ philosophy. Most animals should be like this. Rationing food seems so industrial – don’t they know when they are full?
  • he puts them in a pasture and rotates them off before they totally destroy it. Its a measured approach to pasturing. Any number of pigs will eventually wear down a patch of land, so if you move them to fresh ground they get
    • fresh bugs
    • fresh grass
    • fresh rooting space
    • fresh land that isn’t covered in manure
  • its the best way to provide as much green as the pigs want without having to buy it, or bale it or do anything other than put them on the land and let them go at it
  • its a great way to till up or work land that you want to garden

It fits exactly what I aim to do with my 16×16 foot hog panel pig pen. Its light, moveable, large enough for 2 pigs, and it tears down in no time so I can move the pigs to new patches.

I first intend to put them over the garden to till, compost, clear out that patch. From there I’ll move them down to the other property so they can clear out the raspberry bush tangle under which is hiding concrete from an old barn floor. the floor once uncovered could be a good pen or shed space or if its crumbled up, it will just allow me to clear it. Either way, the pigs are helping me work the land.


[youtube JjBtZxlkEDw]

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4 thoughts on “My Joel Salatin MO – Raising Pigs

  1. I really enjoy Salatin’s way of farming and point of view on the meat industry.
    I think it’s awesome that you’re putting in all the effort to raise your own chickens and hogs!
    Keep it up.

  2. Just how unsustainable the current way the meat industry works is what pushed me to be quasi Vegan over the past 2 years.
    Mostly because I can’t afford sustainable meat…

  3. ya, if you raise the animals yourself, its no more expensive and can easily be much less expensive than even the lower cost meat at the grocery. No middle man, especially if you slaughter your own, no need to pay for labour cause you are the labour. plus on top, its fresh air, exercise so subtract what most people would pay for a gym each month from it 😛 you can’t lose doing it yourself, there are so many up sides to it and no down sides.

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