Maple Syrup Season and Equipment

This is an older picture, two tapes in this image, this may have been from our first spring on the property. That old fence there was removed pretty early on in our purchase of the property.

This is a quick vid explaining some of the equipment used to tap trees. Pretty basic really but some don’t know. And hey, its good learning for my kids when they are old enough to start watching daddies youtube videos! Will they subscribe to my channel? Who is to know…

This year  we will be planting hopefully 15 or 20 sugar maples around the property as well though those won’t be ready / large enough for tapping for at least 10 years. Maybe 15 or 20… Thats going to be an investment for our children to enjoy whether it be from the tapping of those trees themselves or by the added value mature maple trees make to the property here.

Enjoy! And go out and tap your own maple tree already!

[youtube GTCcIFiKy_0]

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