wpid-Photo-Feb-11-2014-731-PM.jpgWith Lindsey out and about a few nights a week, I’ve often thought, what would I do around here if I was single?

If I was single I would… :

  • create move blogs (video blogs). Two youtubers that I like and subscribe to, happen to be single males, I suppose because those are the guys that have the time to walk around and do videos on things. One does videos of gardens, chickens, the other does off grid solar stuff, survival stuff. So I think if I was single, I’d do more with my  youtube channel like that
  • I’d be much more bored
  • I’d miss my kids
  • I’d miss my wife!
  • I’d watch a lot more TV
  • I’d probably probably be a lesser man than I am now
  • I’d have more disposable income but likely much higher debts
  • I likely wouldn’t own a home
  • I’d get more projects done – I would hope
  • I’d have fewer people to share those projects and times with
  • I’d drink coffee alone every morning
  • I’d tinker with this and I’d tinker with that
  • I would probably blog just as much as I do now, maybe more…
  • I probably wouldn’t be inspired to get into so many hobbies actually. sounds backwards in a way but my family inspires me in many different ways to do things differently (striving for healthy food for example)

Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be single. Loving my family and married life, living THE life for sure here in PEI and the best of that is that I can share the joy and fun around here with my family and that really means more than all the things that i do put together.

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One thought on “If I was single

  1. Phew! I wasn’t sure where that was going. 😉 I’d take you and the kids over more free time any day.

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