Early morning glitter

The early morning is really one of the most peaceful and beautiful times of the day, and that's all year around.

As I head out to release the chickens from their snowbound shed, I can hear birds chirping, the sun is just gazing over the trees drawing long morning shadows. The air is still, and the river is low. On the river today were about 20 ducks all in a rough line. Feeding I assume on the bottom. Makes me think, oh, God actually feeds those things and I'm having to come down and feed our chickens, in another life they would be able to live off the food God provided.

The bluejays and such are poking around the bird feeder too. The ravens / crows all scatter from the chicken shed when I start walking down. They make sure to clean up any scraps in the runt battle chickens don't eat. We pretty much support a whole Eco system having the chickens there. We have mice in the shed and neighbourhood cats come and feed on the mice, the mice feed on the leftovers of the chickens. The symbiotic ecosystem basically keeps each of the animals in check. Not to many of any of them and they all keep each other in check enough that we don't have to manage pests in anyway there. And of course an y spiders or ants or bugs that would otherwise infest the shed would be quickly eaten up by the chickens too so they help keep the shed very clean and pest free.

The early morning is also when you know nobody is awake yet, the knowing is half of the peace of the time I think. Knowing no hustle and bustle is occurring this Saturday morning.

And the solar setup, it's plugging away soaking up the morning rays to recover the losses from the night. Quietly it soaks up the sun and converts it to electricity.

The summer is I must say especially nice though because I can take a chair to the porch of the old house and literally have a front row seat to the action on the river. It's amazing stuff, it's stuff we all miss in the busy atmosphere if life.


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