Minus 20s and Lindsey reminds me about automatic furnaces

The wood that is left for the year, apart from what is in our basement. 2 cords left here methinks.

So I was waking up this morning and Lindsey was remarking how cold it is in the house and mentioned that there are these new things called automatic thermostatically controlled oil furnaces. And I says to myself, I says, hmm. thats interesting. What a funny modern day we live in when you really don’t have to wake up in the morning for anything. You can schedule your heat, schedule your brewed coffee, and just about everything else really.

My morning chores are to let the chickens out, stoke the fire, and put the pot on to boil the water for the french press.

It leaves me to ponder what people actually do in the morning since they don’t have these things to do anymore…? Do they go straight to their coffee and iPad in the morning – I guess so. Since I have no commute I have plenty of time for both and don’t have to wake up early. I suppose there was a day when I would basically wake up and get in the car for work.

I don’t mind doing the chores though, it saves us money, gets me fresh air, gets the blood moving, keeps me active, and … saves us money, did I say that already? Its much more a feeling of satisfaction too to think that i did all the work with the wood myself. Oil, they just pump it into the tank and you burn it away, no real thought or reflection on where it came from, whether you’re conserving it or not etc. And then when the bill comes to fill that tank up its nutty.

If I were making the rules, I would legislate that all people burn wood, that we have federal forests planted and growing for green / renewable wood burning energy, that we would outlaw automatic coffee makers in favour of better tasting and brewing french presses and everyone would be required to own at least 3 chickens, plant 2 fruit trees and 2 sugar maples, AND, grow a garden. That should be taught and legislated! That would save us all 😛

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