Chicken Shed solar panels and tractor shed off grid

Finally, some images of my 90 watt panels. Each made up of 3 30 watt panels. Chicken shed they are wired in series to a 30 amp MTTP solar charge controller. the tractor shed has them all in parallel attached to a PWM charge controller. The deep cycle in the tractor shed is not new, its pretty old and doesn’t hold a charge well but it does runs my little LEDs fine. No inverter in the tractor shed – that will come later. Tractor shed is setup with a wall switch inline as well so I can turn on the lights with a switch, same as chicken shed.

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My next purchase of solar panels will likely step right up to a 200 watt panel and that would then likely go towards our house power. We will do net-metering. with that you basically setup a separate solar collection system and feed it back into the grid. What you put back into the grid you basically get that amount taken off your bill though you can never get money back. Ie, if you generate $300 worth of electricity, and your bill is $200, well… the power company wins, and thats how net metering works in PEI right now :/  Not much incentive to expand a solar installation beyond the exact needs of your family in terms of JUST paying the bill. bad laws there. Anyways, hadn’t got any images of my 90 watt panels up so there they are. In a grid down situation, we have light in our chicken and tractor shed and enough to power / charge phones, laptops, run minor electronics etc. Though right now  i don’t have more than a 75watt inverter on the chicken shed. Simply don’t need more cause all it runs usually is the lights which are LEDs and 12.5 watts.

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