The Hired Hand

IMG_00000077Well, since i hurt my arm hauling firewood, we’ve decided to break down and hire a hand. ┬áIts cold out, and we need to get our firewood inside drying. ┬áNormally I wouldn’t have any problem picking away at it and I”ve tried but i just keep injuring my arm again :/

So, i searched and found a guy. Time will tell if he is a good honest worker. Its hard work definitely but I can say its not beneath me to do it, even for free cause thats what I’ve been doing all along. I like the thought that indeed someone is willing to do some good hard work for money. It feels like people aren’t willing to do that these days. Maybe its just me. I used to work on farms when I was growing up, ploughing, trimming hedge rows, tossing bales of hay, shovelling manure, all sorts of things.

The idea of being able to hire someone at a reasonable cost to help around the house is really cool too. There are so many projects I could get done with another person and I don’t want to take advantage of free friends work ALL the time. Plus, I find its our turn and opportunity to provide work to others around who are a) willing to work and b) need the money.

We have lots of painting projects, general clean up stuff, live stock things etc that would all benefit from an extra hand and if that hand is reasonably priced, it makes all the difference!

Looking forward to the day when Jack and Arden can join in with the chores and cleanup and general work around the house but until then, this will do. Hope I’m not disappointed, this is the first time I will have ever hired someone I think personally.. life experience.

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