Round #1 Chicks are out of the house

Our first Brinsea bator chicks are now out of our house and into the neighbours island stone basement which is more suited to the housing requirements of the chicks. Larger space, automatically most conditions, less worry about the smell which was getting think having them in our dining room.

wpid-Photo-Feb-2-2014-618-PM.jpg wpid-Photo-Feb-2-2014-618-PM.jpgRound #2 is 1 day away from hatching, i.e. we expect them to be pipping any time and hatching tomorrow basically. I assume we will see one or two popped out when we get up in the morning… This will be quickly shuttled off to the neighbours basement as well as day olds which are kinda payment for him raising our chicks to 4 weeks from 2 weeks in his basement.

Round #3 will be more of the same reds for the neighbour as he starts on his layer flock. Two eggs from today are currently in the cooler (aka the bator green room) as we wait for round #2 to hatch.

Will report of course the numbers that hatch this time and post some pics of the new birds. I have yet to get Chanteclers, whether eggs or month olds – looking to get those maybe later this month or March, whenever the opportunity comes up to drive to the main land to get them.

My next mini project will be to convert either an old fridge or our 7 foot freezer into an outdoor brooder. This outdoor brooder needs to keep an internal temperature of about 20 degrees when its potentially -20 in the shed (40 degree spread). My thoughts are that old fridges or freezers would be ideal for this, as they are already well insulated and so with the addition of a few air holes for circulation and a heat lamp, it should make for a real nice all weather brooder. I’ll likely cut out the side to put a window in it for light and viewing. Stay tuned for that one.

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