Chick update, round #1 and #2

wpid-Photo-Jan-29-2014-730-PM.jpgOur first round from the Brinsea are getting bigger every day. The wing feathers are really coming in. The birds in the images are sleeping of course. And the eggs in the ‘bater (aka round #2) are 6 days away from hatch. Still at 6 eggs left since I removed the one that didn’t seem to be fertilized.

Still impressed with the Brinsea incubator. It keeps humming along. THe first big test was during the first round when the power went out for 45 minutes or so. It remember the number of days left and as soon as power was restored to it, it kept right on going. If I get a good hatch again out of it, I will be thoroughly impressed.

My goal for round #3 will be to get a 100% hatch rate. Well thats my goal this time too but I’d like a full 7 chicks instead of just 6 (if I get that many hatched out of this current batch).

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