I can say now that I clearly recognize that I have morning chores. They are required and well defined. Here is my morning chores done around my first cup of coffee:

Some bluejays on our freshly filled bird feeder. A sunny cold morning makes for a good time to watch them
  • Stoke the fire
  • Get one or both kids breakfast – depending on who is up

Have my coffee…

  • Take the scraps down to the chickens, let them out, fill their feed tray things, check their water
  • Bring home the eggs
  • Clear the solar panels if a fresh layer of snow is on them
  • Check the chicks food and water
  • Stoke the fire again to be sure it’s going
  • Load the ingredients for our daily bread and get the machine going
  • Unload the dishwasher

Then I sit back down for a second cup of coffee. Not as intense as a ‘real’ farmer I admit but regular chores nonetheless. There is some satisfaction in doing real work for sure though we often tire of it and wish we. Had less to do. Truth is, what do we do with the time when we aren’t being productive… Usually it’s spent reading the inter webs and then realizing there is nothing new under the sun there as is told to us in the bible.


Ecclesiastes 1: 9 What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun.

Wise words! Fulfillments in this life comes In a tangible form I find through interaction with people and nature and thinking on such things – ie with this blog. Reflecting and enjoying what we call the ‘simple things’. And that’s a funny set of words, simple things… Because nature is a million times more complex then any of the technological things that we don’t consider simple…

Praise and thank God, not for the simple things but for His things, his amazing creation and the breath to take joy in our simple chores and work hard and honestly at them. God is watching if no one else is.


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