Give Us God Our Daily Bread

God is great

God is good

Let us thank Him for our food

For by His hand we must be fed

Give us God our daily bread

il_570xN.406979465_mvh1Thats a prayer of thanks I learned growing up. ┬áThanking him for our food and for our ‘daily bread’. We also had a little plastic daily bread verse thing where you would pull out a card and read a verse each meal time or after supper.

I also had an understanding of the whole spiritual side of ‘daily bread’. Thats the word of God daily of course. The meaning of it that escaped me was the practical day to day meaning. i.e., your DAILY bread. What does that mean? Thank God for the bread i bought last week and i eat a few slices of each day?

Nope. Now that we literally make bread each day with our bread maker, fresh, pronounceable ingredient bread, I now get it.

We bake bread daily for a couple reasons, one is that we eat a lot. Kids eat bread as snacks almost all day long. Its cheap relatively, easy, something the kids will almost never reject especially when there is jam of some sort on it. The second reason is that, after a day the bread is actually well into being stale. While still edible it tastes no where near the same, and after 4 or 5 days its going to be starting to mold.

Our bread has no preserving ingredients like the bread you purchase from the store. If you don’t eat this stuff within the first day or so, its basically going to be chicken food. And thats how it was for thousands of years. With no refrigeration, no chemicals back then they truly did make bread daily and specifically for that day. Almost like the manna that fell from heaven that wasn’t good paste a day granted that was more of a supernaturally short shelf life meant for a learning / trusting experience.

Long story short, I now understand what daily bread means in the basic sense too and we can now actually give thanks for our ‘daily bread’.

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