Incubator update – 5 days to go

5 days in my first hatch pack. So far basically set and forget. I continue to check the water levels mostly daily, other than that, It just whirs and turns and beeps.

Notice the 5 days there, and temperature. It hover within half a degree all the time. I'm impressed that it's dealt with 14 degree mornings long after the wood furnace has cooled off, the instructions warn not to out it in a room where the temp fluctuates so much but it's doing it's thing.

This is what I see all day everyday basically except for the 4 times a day it rotates the eggs. It beeps first than rotates them 5 degrees or something like that, I'm just using the default setting for turn rate and angle.

I have candled them, did so at 8 days and they were all mostly solid black looking inside which is a good sign. Will I get 100% hatch? No. Idea. I'm leaving that a mystery right now, not candling them too closely. We shall see what comes out, literally.

Was trying to get a webcam on it but it wasn't go ing to be easy. Also, for 20 days of the 21 day hatch period, there isn't anything to see. Kinda like watching grass grow… Will have vids on hatch day for sure


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