The Brinsea Mini Advance Review – 4 days in

MiniAdvanceBrinsea07Its been 4 days. This incubator is truly set and forget. That = peace of mind for me really. I have been topping up the water but otherwise this little beauty just beeps, whirs and warms all day long.

So far it hasn’t had a problem keeping up the heat even though our house regularly gets down to 15 degrees due to the fire not being stoked during the night. I was worried about that a little as the instructions suggest it needs to be in a ‘temperature controlled’ room where the range isn’t much more than 20 to 25 degrees :P. The range in our house is more like 15 to 22 degrees. The spread I guess is similar, but the lower temps might have meant that the heater element in the incubator might not be able to keep up. It does though. It bounces between 37.5 and 37.6. I’ve never seen it outside of that range other than when it goes into its cooling period (hen off the nest simulation for an hour).

The water in our dry house doesn’t even go down too fast. you’re supposed to check it ever couple of days and its about every 3 I need to top it up – less than half left in it. Thats great cause our house is really dry with the wood heat. Around 40% humidity generally I think it hovers at.

The unit dutifully warms and rotates the eggs on schedule. No temp warnings or power failures yet as noted in the occurrence by letters on the LCD display on top of the unit.

My only question is with the fan running 24/7, I wonder how long the unit will last. will it keep going back to back for 5, 8, or 12 hatch cycles? I do have the warranty filled out. Interested to see how it stands up over time and how easy it is to replace components as they fail (heater element, fan, control unit, egg turn motor…)

So far so good. I *may* soon be getting a webcam so others can watch the action – or lack there of. Stay tuned for that development!


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2 thoughts on “The Brinsea Mini Advance Review – 4 days in

  1. i have a brinsea mini advance that has stopped working evrything is fine its just not reaching temperature
    would it be the heating element that needs replacing
    is it worth doing or am i just asking for problems

  2. I would say call brinsea up, check your warranty. They are probably happy to fix it one way or another. It cost enough money so worth spending a few bucks to fix I think.

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