Brinsea Mini Experience #1

MiniAdvanceBrinsea10Finally opened my new Brinsea Mini Advance incubator. Here is a slideshow of the opening:

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First thoughts, its hard plastic, likely nots of BPA though for this purpose it doesn’t really matter. You can definitely feel the heat on the shell once its up to temp.. which means its not super insulated… which means I will have to try to abide by the instructions which say to keep it in a room where the temp doesn’t fluctuate much. That will be hard since in our house it often gets down to 15 degrees in the morning if its cold out before we get the fire going. Will be interesting to see how well it does at that.

Will shoot out a bit more of a review once I get a couple days into the process.

I started with 7 eggs that took me about 6 days to collect – due to the low production  of our chickens during the winter season. we’ve been only getting 1 eggs a day, rarely two.

Will get a vid up next time of us loading it.



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5 thoughts on “Brinsea Mini Experience #1

  1. webcam, that would be really cool eh… hm… let me see what I can do. It will be pretty boring until the 21st day or so but will see.

    Thanks for the donation too!

  2. I’ve thought about it before but I’m gonna look into getting a. Pan / tilt cam that people can operate from my site. I think to at would be a cool addition to make it interactive. I’ve thought about doing that in our bar chicken shed too.

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