Folks who are 'back to the land' type, the granola, non gmo, fair trade, free range, etc come in all degree of adherence to the natural way.

When it comes to layer chickens, often people will attempt to keep production up during the winter by adding lighting to mimic daylight so the birds don't know it's winter. See in the winter due to the fewer daylight hours, naturally they produce less eggs. As the hours increase in the day they start producing more eggs again.

I was one who tried to increase the daylight hours to keep production up. It didn't work and I'm doing it all by solar. I probably didn't have enough light intensity, i have leds installed. Doesn't really matter through. If I am 'orthodox green' I will simply attempt to mimic nature. I assume the fewer eggs both gives the birds a rest from laying and increases the chance of survival of the he chicks as ones born during warmer tempts would have a better chance of survival. Why fight nature right? Especially when all the other things we do like solar lighting attempt to make use of the more natural things like sun energy.

I've decided to turn off my timer' stop fighting the season and the natural instinct of the birds and let nature do it's thing, I expect longer laying life from my chickens in return and I'll need to waste less sun energy on lightning.

My plan to provide more eggs in winter? Hatch a few more layers to make up for the difference in the winter!

Now that I have my brinsea incubator, I should have no lack of birds or eggs in hue he winter even when they. Slow down. Now that is the ultimate in being green!

We should stop fighting nature and work with it. It requires a lot less infrastructure, energy and resources ( less eggs in theory should mean less feed during winter too).

That's my epiphany of the day. Go orthodox green, Gods way 🙂

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