Extra biblical back story

Over the years I've heard of various books that either didn't make it into the bible or are mentioned in the bible but are not fully included themselves. For interested sake here is a short list of the ones I've heard about. All Christians I think should be aware of them and potentially what they contain as they seem to line up for the most part with the bible and provide what appears to be good backstory and history along with the bible.

  • The book of jubilees – history of the Jews I believe
  • The book of jasher – this is mentioned in luke I think
  • The book of Enoch – interesting backstory of the world before the flood of Noah.
  • The book of Adam and Eve – new to me, apparently the back story of the genesis history covering more detail on how Adam and Eve sinned.

Is knowing these a salvation issue? No. Should they hold as much weight as the canonized bible, maybe not. I have to believe that God inspired the we whole council of nicea thing to bring together the broadly accepted books of the bible. I think as a greater pool of history and knowledge is only a good thing for a mature Christian.


The fact that the book of jasher is mentioned in the bible has got to give it some credence right? And how about the books of the kings, again, giving credence to those books for historical accuracy purposes.


If the other books. Aren't 100% true! even that doesn't nullify the potential truths in them or the general backstory they may record. The general rule is that they are likely good if they continue to align and agree with the bible.


Enoch gets into the specifics of he the angels that rebelled in heaven and came to earth which is recorded in genesis and who slept with the daughters of men to make the giants and the mighty men of old. It fills in all those details well.

I've wrote about them before but very good extra biblical reading for sure. Hey… If you're reading Harry potter, or some other fiction, these other books can't be worse and if anything they are of more value than those works of known fiction…

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