Prophecy update for December 2013

So many things happening and coming up! Here are the things to watch in somewhat of a chronological order:

  1. End of December well be going there ISONs outgoing debris trail. Jan 12th through 19th we I'll be go ing through ISONs incoming debris trail. Watch for meteorites and a general light show here from the heavenlies. Check out the youtube channel by 'bpearthwatch'. He covers all this, including historic events related to other comets and what could be coming
  2. Suns polar magnetic flip do anytime now – significant because it may cause CMEs which may cause disruption to our grid and cause widespread power outages. Happened 100 years ago during the carrington event which melted power lines all over. Suns activity is very unusual right now. Lots of scientists are noting that
  3. Next, financial collapse, anytime now this could happen though it looks like they will keep the economy going for another year or so by printing money.
  4. Peace deal in Israel, started as 9 month process interestingly. (Birth pangs) set to close in April.
  5. Iran peace deal, 6 month timeline, set to close in. April. Coincides with timing of Israel deal.
  6. Blood moon tetrad starts in April! Look for Israel to get their Temple Mount back. They are all ready to rebuild the third temple. Nothing is needed at this point other than the go ahead to start daily sacrifices

There are so many things just waiting to explode in the he world, 2014 may be a pivotal year. Look up, for your redemption draws nigh if you know Jesus as Lord and saviour.


Events will be occur ing that will cause men's hearts to fail as they look at the things coming to pass from the heavens and on earth. If you know your bible, you'll be expecting these things.

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