Here is a quick update to my solar coop. It's basically been running flawlessly. I now have about 15 watts of LEDs on it and another couple watts of an inverter that just happens to turn on when the lights are on. It runs minimum 3 hours a day on a timer and various amounts of time after that as I have the LEDs on a light switch as well for light all other hours of the day as needed.

I still only have 90 watts wired into the charge controller, so I have another 90 I could plugin but I haven't found it needed it for the load I have on it.

An interesting test has been the last number of days. It's been cloudy, snowy and the panels have been covered in snow for a large amount of that time. My battery is down to 12.2. Lowest I've seen it actually but not near the danger zone. I'm hopingf or a sunny day tomorrow to see if they will get back to 100% in a decent amount of time.

All in all it's been very successful. Paid back itself yet? Well no… But it will in a couple year and thats not really the point anyways. One thing I haven't done yet is plugged in our heated water containers. They would be a big draw. I must confess we do have grid power down to the shed from the neighbours and we use that for keeping water thawed though it's not a necessity as usually I just go down tot he river and scoop up some fresh water.

Great hobby. And successful project and I'll be expanding it as I get the other panel in place and decide how I want to utilize it. As always, stay tuned 🙂

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