Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator

My homemade incubator has died again ,the thermostat this time for good I think. Its a project that has required work and care and it has hatched at least 2 birds. It cost me about $15 to make, see the details of that one here:

1st Chicken Incubator

It was a great learning experience for sure. Had issues with humidity on the thermostat first, and issues sealing it etc. It worked though and it worked totally fine. However, it required manual egg turning, and a separate countdown timer or simply a calendar event to remind me when they were do.



Review and unboxing in my youtube video here:

[youtube 1Fx8EgOtznY]

Certainly none of that was any particular hardship. The last 2 batches were duds though, 8 were partially formed but didn’t make it and this last batch of 5 didn’t have a chance because the thermostat fully died…. I’ve decided to set my eyes on the Brinsea unit for a number of reasons:

  • automatic egg turning (needs to be done 3 times a day manually otherwise)
  • automatic temp control – this is nice because as humidity increases, so does the temp reflected on the thermostat which meant I had to adjust the thermostat often to get it right
  • an on board countdown timer in days – this is a really handy feature, it just counts down the days from day 1 to 21, and on the 21st they hatch.
  • Set and forget functionality – due to all the above listed
  • small footprint – I was using a larger foam cooler which took up a log of space. this unit will easily rest on any counter and do its thing
  • Much more efficient – this is much more efficient than my 40watt bulb implementation. Smaller space to heat and keep heated

[youtube 9ICXuzzJKZM]

All in all, this makes for a much easier and fun way to hatch eggs, and it only does 7 eggs at a time so even if we DO get 100% hatch rate, we won’t be totally inundated with baby chicks. We can grow our flock in a manageable fashion and with little initial effort. Hey, i’m not lazy but if the technology is there to simplify it, why not eh!

The unit is about 200 including shipping which isn’t too bad considering the potential for chickens i can get out of it. You’ll notice a donation button on the right side, feel free to donate to the cause, I did a donation thing last year too, what was that for… I hardly even recall 🙂

In the image you see the mini eco on the left. Its the non-automatic unit and no countdown timer on it I don’t believe. The model above the mini advance which is called ‘mini advance EX’ includes a humidity pump which is necessary for some more particular breeds of eggs / birds. For standard chicken eggs, the mini advance does it all and is super convenient.

I definitely recommend the fun of creating your own incubator just to try it but for a longer term workhorse, hey, you can’t beat a purpose produced product like this to simplify and automate the whole experience!


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