Domestic Hot Water – Wood fired – Update #4

A week and a half in, I am sometimes turning on the electricity. When the temp outside is not below 5 degrees, the fire hardly ever runs. Really, the unlimited hot water is kinda when its -3 or colder out and I find the fire runs hot enough during the day to keep it hot.

I’ve thought about having a thermostatically controlled switch on it, though one that looks at the outside temp. If outside is zero or less, turn OFF the electricity. That would automate it year around. The shoulder season when its bouncing around is really when I need to flip the breaker on and off… I haven’t heard of / seen a 240v temperature switch though… I’m sure they make them but certainly not as easily found as a 120 switch which you can go to Can tire for.

All in all though, it works, it saves at least $20 a month in oil or electricity when its working and in shoulder season the wood is at minimum supplementing the electricity and doing whatever it can to heat the cold water so thats a plus.

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