Wood Fired domestic hot water experiment

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I mentioned on FB that I had turned off the electric hot water tank. Well here is the whole story.

We have a wood furnace and it has a hot water coil. A coil that I had to plumb myself because no plumbers are certified to install hot water coils up to hot water tanks 😛 . Potential for explosions and such I guess… Anyways, a month back I took our oil fired hot water heater out of line and stayed just with what was intended to be just a boiler. My boiler though ended up being a brand new electric hot water heater just because its hard to find purpose made old fashioned wood boilers. There happened to be 240 volts wired to its location already as the previous owner was using it this way already, electric / wood fired combo.

So I hooked up the 240 to the boiler tank and it works like a charm. Yesterday I flipped the breaker for the 240 and we are just relying on the hot water coil in the furnace to heat all our domestic water. With it being above zero out, the fire doesn’t run much so I wondered if i would be enough. Its yet to be seen how fast it will bring the tank back up to temp but this morning the water is hot enough again for showers and such. As it gets below zero and the fire is burning throughout the day we should have no lack of hot water.

We will right now have to manage our hot water use a bit more – hardship I know… We are used to in this world using what we want w hen we want it. Now its more like using what we need only when we need it if there is enough of it to use! Priorities will now be showers, then what is left of the hot water will be used for dishwashing, washing clothes etc.

Loving this way of living, we are really getting back to what it is to know where our resources come from, and the effort involved in a lot of our conveniences.  It makes us appreciate what we have, or will I think.  And we are using no electricity here, so its guaranteed all renewable energy in use. This will save us about $20 a month I think.

Stayed tuned, if we start having to have cold showers, I may cave. We shall see. Its a great experiment though.

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2 thoughts on “Wood Fired domestic hot water experiment

  1. I am very curious how your furnace with a hot water coil looks like. I hope you can share photos of it here, Micha. I believe that using furnace is really a great way for us to get warm in a lesser expense.

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