Planet X, Nibiru, Conspiracy and biblical plausibility

Here is a video of a guy who appears to be biblically grounded, well spoken and intelligent. He is speaking of the implications of a ‘planet x’ and how it could play into biblical history and prophecy. It could for example explain some of the big occurrences in the bible such as Noahs flood, the long day of Joshua and future prophetic events such as the raining down of hailstones.

Its really interesting and the most plausible explanation or reasons for an extra planet that we’ve not discovered yet. I’ve heard various planet x discussions and talks on nibiru and they all seemed a little out there and I hadn’t heard it tied to bible history or prophecy. This one does though, an interesting listen for those who are open minded. God can and does use natural phenomena to execute judgement on the nations. there isn’t particularly any reason why the flood had to be 100% supernatural. In fact if you look at it, it makes more simple sense that God uses what he created to generate the conditions for it.

[youtube PcaIlNZTnzA]

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