Last of the meat birds

Today we packed up the last of the meat birds. It was supposed to be 44, but we had one die, reason unknown.. So the last half was 43.  This marks the end of our 3 month meat bird raising experiment. All in all it worked pretty well, we made lots of mistakes, got the shed pretty tweaked now though. We had issues like water leaking in the water bowls which would require that we clean out ALL the bedding as it was soaked a number of times after leaving the water running.

We’ve automated some of that and put in safe guards.

We had no issues with foxes amazingly. Likely we will do at least one batch next year, possibly 2, we will see how we feel next year. It is something you need to be around for 7 days a week to let them out and put them in but with the neighbours going halfers, the load is much lighter.

Next we have a new batch of eggs ready to hatch, my first ones from my second batch are ready for this weekend actually. We have 3 chicks growing already and are getting larger by the day and apparently healthy.

We plan to continue to incubate, keep them coming as they say to grow up a larger egg laying flock. And with two incubators going, Nathans and mine, we’re learning a lot about how to hatch eggs and learning from our mistakes the batch prior.  Its not an exact science really but there are limits for temp, humidity etc that you need to stay within for max hatch rate. Last hatch rate was 15% or something from my incubator.

Next year it looks like we’ll be hatching a few different breeds of birds too just for fun and variety. stay tuned for those. And stay tuned maybe for more blogs now that I have less meat bird responsibilities!



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