From our batch of incubated eggs, we had one hatch successfully. One pipped, however it died, I think due to too low of humidity in the last few days 🙁 My bad there. Need to manage that better and get that up in the final days. The rest were in some stage of form, one had bacteria in it I think.

pip 4 (pp)

v. pippedpip·pingpips

To break through (the shell) in hatching. Used of a chick.

To peep or chirp, as a chick does.


A short, high-pitched radio signal.
Now we got one out of the 5 I put in there, I loaded up the incubator again with some new knowledge and ideas on making it better. I worked out a few electrical kinks in the bator and sealed it better and added another jar for humidity.
Its no reloaded with 6 eggs, all due to hatch on the 16th of september or so. Really want get a hatch cam going… wasn’t able to this time around. will work on that one!

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