This is why I don’t believe in Global Warming

I don’t believe in Global Warming. I believe the earth is warming, I don’t believe its primarily caused by man, or that man really affects it that much. Great article from Russian scientists basically stating the same thing:


(this is the whole article basically)

There is no escaping another ice age on Earth; this is the conclusion that has been reached by researchers at the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, institute director Vladimir Bogdanov told ITAR-TASS. However, the “global cooling” will not occur for another few thousand years.

“To predict the distant future, we are researching ecological issues and trying to understand what life was like hundreds of thousands of years ago,” said Bogdanov.

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“Everything on Earth is cyclical — a warm period is followed by a cold one, and vice versa. We are currently in a warm period. However, unlike past periods, it is advancing too quickly. Over the last 100 years, we have seen a drastic migration of animals and plants to the North.” Thus every year, trees are rising by about 1.5 feet toward the peaks of the northern mountains, and they are encroaching on the tundra.

“Our observations suggest that Earth’s climate warming will occur for at least another 50 years. This is most noticeable in high latitudes — in the Artic and the mountains,” said Valery Mazepa, a biologist and head of the institute’s dendrochronology laboratory.

According to scientists, a global cooling on the planet is inevitable, and humans will not be able to affect this cycle. “People’s actions may only influence how cool it will be during the next ice age on Earth. It will depend on how much greenhouse gases threaten the atmosphere,” said Pavel Kosnitsev, head of the institute’s paleoecology laboratory.

This also is inline with a young earth (the fact that temperatures fluctuate widely and quickly even in 2 generations or so back to ice age and such So ice ages and warm ages in 6000 years is fully plausible, in fact, its the plain truth. Ice ages don’t take million so years to occur and retreat.



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