1st Chicken Incubator

Here is my first go at an incubator. Sum total cost output for it: $15 (plus tax…)

So its made from an 8 dollar styrofoam cooler from CanadianTire and an 8 dollar clearance baseboard heater thermostat. The rest of the parts, bulb, wiring, metal tape, etc were all things I had lying around in this old house. Bits and pieces.

I have 3 thermostats cause the digital one is apparently completely inaccurate. Example, it shows 89F right now the one on the side shows around 99F and the one completely inside shows somewhere closer to 40 C which is 100 or more. All over the place.. but atleast I’m ball park with two of the thermometers.

My next challenge, figure out some way to auto turn the eggs so I don’t have to continually do it..

The big picture. The writing was my initial findings. Slowly I’ve had to lower that temp. I now think 89F is 99F where it matters right above the eggs…. Doesn’t make any sense I know…
Here is the thermostat readout. Well off… what can you do.. at least its digital so I can increment by a half degree as I slowly hunt for the perfect temp. Doesn’t really matter what the display says in this case as I have the other two thermometers
this is it lit up when the 60 watt bulb is on. May change that to a 40..
Notice the temp of 100 F there. I was attempting to get it down a bit more to 99 which is the ideal temp.
This is through the window at the top. Half an egg carton and it flops side to side in order to turn the eggs. The metal poking on top is one of my thermometers. The upside down words are on the back of the heat shield preventing direct light to get onto the digital thermostat which can cause inaccurate readings (as if they aren’t already inacurrate 😛 ) ANd various wiring in there and at the bottom, my thermo / hygrometer as my third temperature instrument.


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