DSC_0931 DSC_0938With ‘Big Red’ now in our flock (and super easily integrated I might say) we now have all red fertilized eggs. Today is the first set of eggs we’ll take to to the neighbours incubator.

I’d love to get myself an incubator but need to sell a few more things and pay off the credit card a bit more before I can do that. Regardless,  I can’t wait to see if they hatch and to get our own flock grown up to good layer status. Since the ones we have now are technically on loan, cloning them is our priority right now so we have our own set.

Our master plan is to have 12 or 15 laying birds in our newly renovated shed for our own personal eggs and partly for the neighbour to sell. Maybe we’ll sell some, not quite sure yet…

If these eggs do hatch (in 21 days) it will be 6 months before they actually start laying eggs themselves. All part of the fun. Exciting that we can grow our own flock though. Really its like printing money in a way. Just takes a bit more time and effort!

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