My 1965 Shasta?? dolled up, ready for inspection

This is our 1965 Shasta single axle camper. Sleeps 6 (originally). Right now, only 5 in its current config. Its all dolled up with LEDs all around (except for license light, couldn’t find an LED at CanTire for that), new wiring hardness, properly grounded. Everything works, clearance lights and everything! Woot. Taking it to BJs Truck center tomorrow first thing to get its first inspection since 1998. Not even kidding! Its been a while. Its all underpainted with glossy grey since that was the colour the tongue was painted when I got it. Didn’t think it was worth trying to cover it all up with another colour. Not too much rust all things considered. Its pre-inspected by a local mechanic that isn’t actually licensed to inspect trailers (only cars) and he figures its good to go! Thanks to my local Ebenezer mechanic Paul!

Will have more pics definitely next weekend when we take it out for the first time to the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival. That presupposes it passes inspection of course. Nerve racking for me for a first inspection :/ Its like going to the dentist and hoping you don’t find out you have cavities to fill.

I should mention, I have no idea what kind of trailer this is… for government purposes we just called it a 65 shasta. Would LOVE to know what it actually is… maybe if we get it out on the road someone will recognize it.

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