Poor mans air conditioning today

Today, though not exactly as hot as friday, I tried out our air conditioning. It got up to 36 degrees or so outside. Inside temp up to 27 during the day (28 degrees after we finished making pancakes and bacon…)

Anyways, since its nice and cool downstairs, a frigid 20 degrees C,  I took the back off our furnace and fired up the blower manually. Thereby sucking cool downstairs air up and blowing it up stairs.  Since we have a dehumidifier down there, the blown up air was both cool and drier relatively than the upstairs air which actually made quite a difference in the ‘feel’ of the temperature. The inhouse temp went down a half degree, maybe 1 full degree since I wasn’t watching for very long but that was a less humid half degree and surprisingly!

Thats a trick my dad taught me, though not directly. He used to do that. In a way, thats geothermal cooling! We’re just helping it by dehumidifying it.

It doesn’t often get hot enough here to really warrant an air conditioner so that definitely suffices on the hottest days!


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