Chicken Tractor Progress

I took a day off to work on the chicken tractor (among some other things). Here is where I’m at in pictures. The base is 8 feet by 8 feet providing 64 square feet of run for the chickens. Its light enough that it can be moved easily, relatively so anyways (still need to get some wheels on it). I plan to have doors here and there for letting them really free roam at the bottom, and for collecting eggs (in the upper section) and for cleaning out.

I couldn’t do as much as I wanted due to lack of hardware (hinges) and due to the rain that started falling hard enough for me to quit. Oh, and my cordless power tool batteries were dead 🙁 Nothing worse than dead power tools when you’re on a roll with a project! Need to get a 3rd battery..

Will have some more images I’m sure in the next couple of days after I get it to the point where I can get the chickens into it.

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