Prophecy Update for June 2013

Wow, what crazy times we are in!! Here is the bullet list of world events, all of which you would have heard about on the CBC National news or read in a paper. You just may not have realized what the significance was.

  • Russia is backing Basher Assad in Syria
  • Russia has installed troops on the Golan heights as a ‘peace keeping’ force even though the UN told them NO. Its against the UN charter to have the veto countries serving as the peace keepers for some reason so the UN told Russia no. Russia went ahead
  • Russia is running subs now to the souther seas. She is started to roam militarily now similar to Soviet Union manoeuvres.
  • Russia controls 40% of the natural gas supply to Europe, with Israels leviathan gas field and all the gas finds, Russia stands to lose business and this is their main export.

What does all this add up to? Russia is going to be a major player, the whole ‘hook in the jaw’ reference from Ezekiel 38. Russia has decided to fully involve herself in the middle east while the US thanks to Obama has decided to really pull back from being the global policeman that it was due to ideology mostly but also due to budget restraints.

  • Iran just elected a new president who the ‘world’ touts as moderate. In fact there is news out today that he, a couple years ago, was vocally in favour of a clandestine nuclear drive. I’m sure he is on the same track  as the previous dude, Amadinejad (or however you spell it). Why? Because the spiritual leader, Komenei is realy guiding the countries policies here.
  • Iran is sending 4000 troops to help Syrias Basher Assad.

Iran is surrounding Israel with its own troops, let alone all the other enemy nations to Israel. And they have no intention of stopping the nuclear drive and their stated aim is to push Israel into the sea

  • John Kerry and peace talks? Lots of urgency in the current peace talk. Netanyahu says he is ready for peace. both sides are more and more stating their readiness for peace and Israel – at least Israels leaders are more and more willing to give up a lot, including part of Jerusalem for peace.
  • The US and lack of action on debt – there hasn’t really been anything done, year after year, about the debt. No substantive changes to policy, they are just printing more and more money. Debt clock at 16 trillion I think now. The tide has turned, there isn’t really anything that can happen other than a revival and Gods intervention. Their economy is going to collapse, indeed the world economy will as that will be needed to usher in the world currency system and eventually mark of the beast.

There are many places to find these stories / headlines, you can search google for them. does a great job of putting them all together with links to original stories and such. These headlines come up nightly on the national as well if you want that on CBC.

  • Israel has said there are only weeks left until their stated red line is crossed – this used to be measured in months
  • Israel has wars on almost all borders now. Egypt has come out and said the US and Israel are the enemies
  • Syria is warring on the Golan
  • Jordan is really iffy right now though many prophecy scholars think Jordan will actually stay out of the fight and the rock city of petra will protect the Jews during that big war (in Jordan)
  • The same old fights in the Gaza strip and with the ‘palestinians’ (they aren’t really palestinians, they are refugees from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan etc.  None of those countries will accept the people in the gaza strip home.

This all adds up to show you that bible prophecy is coming to pass right now actually. We aren’t just waiting for stuff, we can see it happening now. The rapture is VERY soon and if you aren’t pre trib, then the tribulation is VERY soon. I’m preparing, call me a prepper! Little things. There is never too much you can do to be prepared.  first thing is knowing Jesus as saviour. Second thing is having some knowledge about growing your own food, where you can find fresh water, what to do about shelter and living without electricity should the economy crash so much that the power goes out.

You may think that sounds crazy and hysterical but its not out of the question. What would you do if you simply lost your job, forget about a country wide or world wide issue… How many in North America could survive a week without electricity? (that means, no water, no way to pump gas, no ability to get fresh food)

Its something we all need to be aware of, we need to know where our hope is, and be good stewards of what God gives us and we need to take advantage of what His created world can do for us. we’ve lost so much knowledge of simple things, growing stuff, hunting / gathering, just plain surviving. We’ve forgotten how but thats a story for another day.


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