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It's been a while but I've come back to the Ipad. Where was I? I was hooked on the blackberry play book for. A while. It really is a great device though blackberry lacked in a number of areas:

  1. First is apps, they didn't haver. As many apps. And that's not totally bad as long as the websites work in he browser. Unfortunately a bunch didn't like Their interface didn't work on play book :/. It also didn't have my roast master app or anything like it. Roast master was really the big app I wanted, alone with flipboard
  2. They don't have flipboard yet, sure I side loaded the android version but its outdated, and slow on the hardware. Not the full experience
  3. No bb10 yet? Where is it? I was holding out for 10 and there is no word on it, not hardly even an estimate
  4. And with bb10 it doesn't even have many of the big apps yet like flipboard :/
  5. Blackberry is totally not focused on providing a good tablet experience or improving what they have. No fixes or updates in months' no sign of things to come or a cross pollination of the big apps that are on android or iOS.
  6. The screen is actually a little small for what I want I've found. I like the full ipad screen as compared to a 7 inch
  7. My play book didn't have 3G. That was a big thing, sure I can purchase the 3G version of it for a bundle but it would still have all the other drawbacks and more expensive 3G. Still can't beat pay as you go 15 a month with the ipad plans

It's sad, I was hoping they would catch up to android and iOS but it doesn't appear that it's any kind of a focus from the company, indeed all signs really indicate that they almost wished t hey hadn't bothered with it… Ohwell. No one has apple beat yet, apple is still miles ahead of the competition!

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