InfiniteWP – Managing Multiple Websites

Don’t think I’ve posted on this plugin before. If I have, sorry… I searched my posts quickly and didn’t see it. I did create a list of top plugins I like but this wasn’t on it at the time:

Top X Plugins for WordPress

InfiniteWP is an administration tool for folks who manage more than 1 wordpress site. Now, you can bookmark all your WP sites and save the user pass in the browser and such but that gets tedious after a while. Especially if you need to go update plugins in each site, or remove them, or backup dbs on them or whatever.

The site is here with tours and all:

It lets you do a pile of things:

  • bulk add plugins to sites
  • bulk update plugins
  • bulk update themes
  • bulk backup complete wordpress sites
  • and there are plugins you can purchase to extend the functionality including
    • Site uptime monitors
    • scheduled backups
    • client automated reporting on what you’ve done to manage the site over the last period
    • etc

Its really handy, there are some features I would like to see like an ‘addon’ for visitor stats and auto email to clients, that would be super handy but I’m sure thats coming.

Overall, highly recommended tool for managing multiple sites. Love it!

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