The Behmor Experience

UnknownI recently got a 1 pound Behmor roaster. I soon found out its the perfect home roaster kit. I had a smaller SR500 air roaster and it was great at doing enough beans for  a day and a half – 2 french presses a day. But I found I was roasting, ya… basically  every day or every other.

With the Behmor I can roast enough for almost a week which is great. It also is much more automated than the SR500 (600?). To roast a pound and a quarter (thats needed to get a full roasted pound out of it at the end) I push 2 buttons basically to get it started (after a 2 minutes preheat). Then I add about a minute of time on it by clicking the TIME+ button on it. Usually more like a minute and a half I add to it depending on how its going. I do monitor it during the last 2 minutes and crank up the time as needed to get it just right.

What I love is that for most of the 30 some odd minutes it takes to roast them, it just does its thing. Yes it has all kinds of fancy levels and heat profiles but those are usually for specialty beans such as softer less dense beens like Hawaiian. For the SHG beans I generally roast, hitting the 1 pound button and the start button is enough. In theory if I can get some more experience with the same bean, I can almost set it and forget it.. granted thats the last thing they want you to do. Ie leave it be. There are warnings all over the packaging about not leaving it unattended. Regardless, and regard very little I do, as long as I prep the counter surface and the unit first, I can fire it and sit in another room while it spinnings and roasts.

I love not having to worry about it. And yes, I’m technically roasting larger weights then they recommend (because I want a roasted pound, not just a green pound). If I was roasting only a pound of green, i likely wouldn’t even need to add time to it.

I highly recommend it for the home roaster! I am now looking for a larger roaster.. but thats a subject for a new blog!

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