As I was complaining – God Of Wonders

As I was complaining today on facebook about children always crying I remembered I needed to go out and check the sap run. Figured today I would go ‘finish it off’, the last of the sap that was in the tupperware container from yesterday. Turns out today the container was almost full again, its been running almost steady this last week with the temps cool at night, warm with sunshine during the day.

Anyways, I went outside with Arden and the air was filled with all sorts of birds chirping. Not just here or there, but everywhere,  tons of birds all around in the trees, invisible to the eye thats not looking for them, cacophonous to the ear that just stepped out of the insulated house.

It was like I stepped into the glass enclosed avian observatory of a city zoo, the air humid, the noises decidedly wild, ever present and enveloping.

It was then that my spirits were lifted, my countenance up-sided. God of Wonders comes to mind when I think of it.


THe documentary below is great, and a reminder of how creative and awesome God is. Daily we realize SO little of how Gods world is amazing.  We are too comfortable and protected in our warm houses and with our hot coffee and morning routines.

A walk outside is refreshing and on a morning like this, its fully an experience.

[youtube vvVt4lDSPeY]

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