The shortness of time

battle_of_armageddon_lg1i’ve had the general sense and belief that we are in the last days. i thought thought that 10 years ago to be sure but it was only about the times and the seasons. Now the feeling is imminent. And its really as of the last few monthss. Some major world events are happening and approaching climax.

Some examples of news items that individually may not mean much but together really impress me:

  • Syrian conflict – destruction of damascus
  • Israeli / palestinian conflict (philistines)
  • Mysterious rumbles and booms heard throughout the world, just google or youtube it. Some crazy sounds that scientists say are common but ive never heard of them before the last couple years
  • Amazing comets shaving our planet and even falling to earth killing many like in russia
  • Mysterious sink holes that are all the sudden making news in the US, one swallowed a man. Before last year when was the last time you heard of such an event? Now theres been a couple
  • Odd solar maximum occuring right now, ie lack of a maximum which means it could be building up for something
  • Middle east alignments, just today a news item about China moving even closer to Russia. These are part of the coalition against Israel in the not to distant future so its fully expected
  • Greater frequency of earthquakes and rumbling around the world. There was a recent article that even scientists were commenting on the wide area of rumbling occuring which they figure could mean a very large quake is coming
  • The interesting peace attempts by Obama that just occurued and the ongoing attempt to create a two state solution

And many more. The sheer number of things going on now is incredible and the number of prophetic events has sped up significantly since i got interested in bible prophecy which was more than 15 years ago anyways. There was interested in y2k of course but that was mostly the only big up coming event during the year. Now there are multiple prophetic events and things occuring on the calendar that suggest the Lords return is imminent, and even to the point where i really think he will return in the next year or so. I could be wrong, no man knows the day or the hour but the information and world events happening now are just amazing.

I know i’ve blogged about this many times in the past, again, i would suggest you checkout the list of news items on, scan through the last say week of news and you’ll see just about everything i mentioned above.

The Lord is coming soon!

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  1. 10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.[a]

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