Good Ole Church Service

Sunday night I had the privilege of being part of Gods worship team (worship in the bible is huge and when Gods people marched on an enemy, it wasn’t the best soldiers leading the way, or the king, or an air raid. In bible times it was the worship teams that lead the armies into war). I got to play my guitar and harmonica. Always enjoy being on worship team.

Sunday night was Irwin Webster  (leading) and he is known for pulling lots of old / fast songs and last night was no different. Whenever we sing older songs, or just often when I”m on worship team I think of my mom who taught and encouraged us with words or candy or otherwise to play our instruments either on the worship team / band in front of the congregation or to simply sit in the front row and  ‘make a joyful noise for the Lord’. With her passing, that means a lot more to me when I’m up there on stage doing my best with the skills I have to add to the musical worship of God. Its a great responsibility for sure and I figure Mom is watching (my personal thoughts are that when in heaven, you get to watch any church service you want on earth 😛 Thats probably totally incorrect but its a nice thought).  I know mom would be proud and also expect us to be doing something for God. Especially if that something could involve an instrument.

I started singing, then started playing trombone before learning guitar in college in Sault Ste Marie.

Its an honour to play on Gods worship team and if you’re learned anything about the instrument players in  the bible, you know its an amazing honour and high calling to be part of that team for God. I think we take our positions sometimes far too lightly. But thats another story.

Praise be to God, who WAS, who IS, and who IS TO COME (real soon!)


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