Poor Mans Playbook IMAP Fix

playbook-messagesOk, so its not really a fix.. more of a work around.

So I have an IMAP account. I have folders. I have rules to sort email into those folders to keep it neat and tidy. THe issue? Playbook mail app doesn’t load all the IMAP folders so if I get a new email that is sorted into one of those, I miss it until I check mail in K9 (another mail app brought over from Android) or in mail.app on my macbook.

So the solution is to (first export my filters) delete the filters I have setup in my gmail account (they are the ones that do the sorting into labels  /folders). Now all email FIRST comes to my inbox. From there I can sort manually. Or as I have setup already on my macbook, rules in mail.app. So at the end of the day when I open mail.app, it downloads and fires all the new email into the appropriate folders – and then full circle, it updates IMAP with the new location of those emails.

The fly in the ointment here is that I can’t search ‘old’ emails in all my folders but… on my PB I rarely actually need to or I can pop into K9 if I’m desperate to find something. Otherwise, seeing new email in my inbox during the day suits me.

For what its worth, there it is. Maybe I gave someone an idea on how to work around their similar issue…

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