Point Form Prophectic Landscape

090924-obama-peacethings are still moving in bible prophecy. The truth is almost so much going on that the media outlets hardly even bother to cover it. its almost to the point of ‘same old stuff’. Here are a number of the big things still simmering or even escalating:

  • Assad in Syria is launching scud missiles at the rebels on the outskits / subburbs of Damascus. The bible speaks about the destruction of Damascus coming in Ezekiel – search older blogs for the passages and details
  • Iran is cooperating with North Korea, it appears NK is doing the nuclear testing for Iran as the world watches and scolds NK (but does nothing about it). What does this mean? NK already has nukes and delivery systems, this means Iran basically just needs to learn from NKs engineers and build the same stuff. Sanctions are doing nothing. Apparently syria transfers a billion dollars to hezbollah and such in lebanon to continue the front on Israel in proxy.
  • Arab spring which has gone on for… Over a year now has done nothing but swap out secular tyrants for religious tyrants. While tyrants are never good, secular ones are the lesser evil. This adds up to nations and governments which hate israel and now have the people in power to do something about it.
  • The pope has resigned, an extra biblical prophecy exists telling of the last pope, catholic prophecy even suggests their last pope will be the antichrist. Interesting to see whether these extra biblical prophecies are true or not.. St malachys is apparently right at hand while we wait to see who the potentially final pope is. Search my blog for that one a couple weeks ago.
  • Obama is finally going to Israel to talk about peace and the negotiations are starting again. Maybe this is the one that works? The bible says a peace agreement will be reached and a sharing agreement on the land so this could be it. Its gotta happen, question is just when…
  • China is all but overtly waging war against the US and Canada and other countries via cyberwarfare – this was on the national last night. If this was a physical attack, it would mean the declaration of war… But since its digital, somehow its not enough to wage wage, whats the difference? Lives lost? I guess so. And china is on irans side, they have a mutual defence agreement, as does iran with russia.
  • The dollar as world currency is simply floating on air right now. The US owes too much to even pay it back, what will be the trigger to pop that bubble and bring the world economy down? Its inevitable, just don’t know when, and this could be the trigger for a one world electronic currency as well since noone trusts their sovereign states monies anymore.

So many things going on, more than this. This is all stuff right out of your natioal news broadcast. And might i mention foretold right out of the bible that sits on the shelf in your house that you rarely pick up and read ;). (im speaking of the marjority and this is for another blog but Christians dont read their bibles much these days let along look forward to the coming of the Lord seriously)

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