DIY auto water dispenser for Cats

IMG_00000049This is my DIY cat water dispenser. i was looking to buy one as i’ve done in the past but they are really expensive for some reason. So this morning i decided to google diy water dispensers and found this really simple way to do it.

So i took a tupperware. Bowl and cut it shorter, then a apple juice container out of the recycling bin and cut a hole 1 cm above the bottom of it so that when the water is below 1cm the bottle drains up to the top of the hole again. So it keeps the water at a constant depth. When the bottle is drained, tip it upside down (since the hole is at the base of the bottle), fill it up in the sink then place back in the bowl and it will auto fill itself for a few days depending on how much water your cat/s drink.

Its on google in other places but i thought it was such a simple idea with stuff you would otherwise throw in the recyclign bin that i hada to blog on it. Good stuff! Saved a good $20.

Now.. To work on a auto food dispenser…

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7 thoughts on “DIY auto water dispenser for Cats

  1. I would love to know if you ever made that auto food dispenser!
    Great job on this water bowl !

  2. I never did create an auto dispenser for the cats. I just fill the bowl regularly. I don’t have issues with over eating so never had a good reason to need one 🙂

  3. This will be great for the stray kittens outside! I won’t have to worry about their water running out for a while and they will have a place to go to for water when it’s really humid.

  4. I had problems with the auto water dish also. Even tho I followed the instructions, itthe water drains out & fills the bowl clear to the top.

  5. Thanks for the simple explanation! I found a longer explanation on youtube that goes into a little more detail of the physics behind it.
    For those of you who are having trouble with the water overflowing, it SHOULD only fill to the level of the hole in the bottle. . . maybe your hole is too high? or maybe your hole is too big, and the water is flowing in too fast?
    Also, be sure the lid is on the bottle tight, so the vacuum seal is created, that is what makes the water stop flowing in. If the lid is off, or there is an air leak, then the water will continue to flow down into the bowl.
    Hope you can figure out your problem!!!
    I have an automatic cat water dispenser that has a click-top on it, and it is very difficult to snap it closed, and the whole reservoir spilled onto my kitchen floor today when I refilled it and it unsnapped as I was picking it up! :O ahhhhhhh!

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