Too many photos with words on FB? Turn them off

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Ever thought there were far too many images with words posted on FB? What do they call them? Oh I dunno, some are cute, some are funny but there are far too many. I’m really more interested in real status updates, not unlike more of what twitter is, though I’m sure twitter has its share of junk updates as well.

I found a solution though, tipped off by LIndsey who said there was an ‘app (setting) for that’.

Are there one or two users posting far to many photos or playing too many games cluttering up your Flipboard morning magazine?

  1. find the user
  2. hover  on the name
  3. click ‘Friends’
  4. Click ‘settings’
  5. Now select and unselect items for that user. They posting too many farmville updates? Unselect it. They posting too many photos for your liking? Unselect it.

Done and done. Now you have a much more customized FB feed, perfect for social aggregation apps (ie Flipboard, Taptu, etc.)


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