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Unknown-2I listed a number of apps I downloaded in an older blog (http://micahgallant.com/2011/03/15/the-ipad-experience), its likely in need of updating now since i’ve got more since. I don’t believe i’ve bloggd about ‘FTP On The Go’ though.

Just today I had the get some quick updates done on the hockey website I manage: http://www.kbhl.org . The edits were both WYSIWYG style edits and PHP edits. For the first I used WordPress straight up from the iOS browser – all functionality works now as far as I know, they made a large number of improvements to make it work better with tablets recently, more specifically iPad and other Apple devices. (though some plugins still rely on flash based stuff for graphs which don’t work, ie, nstatistics which I use for sit stats.)

That was the easy part. The next part was the PHP edits I needed to do. Rarely do I attempt to do that on the iPad just because often my macbook is close at hand, and much better suited to that with larger screen, keyboard and mouse and favourite FTP program (Transmit). On the macbook I just have all I need and can get things done super quick. This morning I thought though, why not try to do the edits from the iPad. I knew i had an FTP client and hadn’t really used it much, really only needed in a pinch.  And results?

It worked great, smoother than I remembered actually. Here is a screen of the edit interface:



I had my user / pass saved so it logged right in, the folders and directories show  up on the left side and you can click through them back and forth in no time. Now thats all the expected stuff. Then you have an edit button. So I clicked on a PHP page and clicked edit and you get a nice size window of all the PHP code. On top, the keyboard on screen comes up with a full set of customized characters that you need for PHP. Square brackets, tag open and close characters etc. Nice. And I even used the ‘find in page’ there to locate a section of code. Sufficed to say,  i was able to quickly and efficiently do some quick edits to about 4 pages, amazing!

I figured I’ve be fumbling around on the touch interface, fighting with the ‘cursor’ to locate what I needed. Nope, just works.

FTP On The Go is the app I used, highly recommended purchase: Get it here


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