Apple is getting too large for my liking. When I joined the ranks of Apple folk by purchasing my first mac (Intel Duo Core iMac) about 6 years ago they were large but still a bit of a fringe company. Certainly they didn’t outnumber PC’s or people running Microsoft. Now most young people in college and such have macbooks, they are both the ‘cool’ thing to have and of high quality. They actually are better built machines, hardware and software wise in most peoples opinion who have used both. Better integrated anyways which means less compatibility or buggy issues.

Apple and Google house far too much of my data with iCloud and Gmail. Now I have an icloud account but don’t use it to sync much, no photo stream. My gmail is IMAP by choice (because it allows me to sync email across multiple devices which is super handy) but by that choice it means that I need to leave my email in the cloud at all times. Unlike straight up POP3 where you download it and for all intents and purposes its deleted server side (read: cloud side). Now you’ll say, stuff is never really deleted. True enough, remnants are all around on server backups, tape drives, and unformatted sections of all the servers the email has traversed. Point is, its not as overtly kept in the cloud with POP3 as is IMAP.

You need to be aware of where all your data is. Have photo stream turned on in iPHoto or iCloud setup to backup your complete system? It means all your photos, financial documents, email, browsing history etc is all up on Apples servers. Same obviously if you use Chrome and have an account in Chrome to store all your browser stuff.

PGPIts a connected world we live in and one where we really don’t have any control where our information goes. Hey, if you want to be on the internet or share photos with Granny, you can’t stop big corporations from having copies of it. Unless you use PGP or some type of encryption or whatever. Most of that can be cracked easily and even if not, they still have copies of that password protected file…

Nope, if you don’t want companies to have your info, you really need to NOT use email and NOT backup over the internet. You generally need to be aware about what you’re emailing, what you’re watching what you’re posting since once its on the internet, its there forever basically on some server, in some switch, on someones computer etc.

Be aware and just assume your data is out there somewhere…! If its digital, it likely is completely out of your hands.

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