This time of  year, this year at least, the temps hover around -2 or 3. Currently its -5. Its cold enough that we need a fire on, but not so cold as ti REALLY work the furnace. I enjoy the -20 times where you can hardly keep it stoked enough to raise the temperature of the house. Where the exhaust from the furnace is glowing red and you can smell the heat (due to curing paint, or whatever). Soon we’ll be leaving to go up north and the house will have to sit with no fire for a couple of weeks. We’ll be letting the oil furnace do its thing. Its set to keep the house from going below 16 degrees – hope thats enough for the pipes not to freeze!

I’m never ahead enough with the wood, maybe one year I’ll have it all cut and split prior to the season. HA.. not likely. This year I still have about 2 cords to cut up from the 8 foot lengths. Don’t even know if I’ll get around to that until spring. We shall see. And with us going away, thats going to be almost 2 cords less of burning – but a lot more oil 🙁

The scene outside is frosty, all the grass is frosted, the air is till, the river high and the windows on the car need scraping during this season. The windows i suppose need scraping most of the season.

We’re into full wood heating season definitely now, and so goes the 3rd season of wood burning ever in my life. Its great exercise! And a great excuse / opportunity to use my tractor and trailer too.

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