A comment on the state of our world

[EDIT: This is a repost from March 3rd of this year. It bears repeating as the state of our world is only getting worse right now!]

2 Timothy 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

I find this is so true. We strive for knowledge, educate ourselves, put lots of letters behind our names, make lots of money… And we end up having lots of pride in our own abilities. Also in university so many students end up having the idea that they are the ‘real’ thinkers in society, the free thinkers. And anything unrelated to religion of any kind is promoted as free thought. Anything different then Christianity anyways. The idea of the self made man, and the thought that we can do it on our own is promoted.

It all adds up to a general experience and outcome that infact we end up learning less because we think we’re so advanced, the minds are closed, biblical passages are considered myth and the bible an antiquated crutch. Little do they know that when most of the ivy League schools were opened, the bible was the prominent text book.

The end of it all is that we consider the most true textbook to be just another story and we never get around to the actual truth. To make up for never getting to the truth, we encourage everyone to make their own truth :S. is it just me or is that obviously stupid?


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