Prophecy Update, Late October

Damascus, Syria

As it stands now fighting is still going on in Syria, I’m not sure what it would take at this point for the international community to go in, the countries have failed to agree with Russia, Iran and China namely vetoing votes to clear the skies at least via  a no fly zone in Syria.(Russias Role, wikipedia) The government effectively has free reign as long as the don’t kill too many at once. Too many at once and the international community would HAVE to do something but as long as they keep killing 10 here, 20 there, the rest of the world just waits, talks about it, tries to start dialogue with Basher and the regime :/ What does it have to do with prophecy? Well, as I’ve said before, the destruction of Damascus is a big sign, its never been flattened and it will in the last days. So currently prophecy buffs are watching for the tipping point. Is it the international community that goes in and flattens it trying to take out Assad or do the rebels get a foot hold and the city is flattened with fierce fighting? Or is it simply a slow destruction which is whats happening now as they fight block by block? We don’t know. It will be as some point considered by all to be destroyed, whatever that means..

Fordo Nuclear site, buried in a mountain in Iran

Iran is at 60% enrichment, ALL centrifuges are underground at Fordo ( and who knows where else they have secret facilities. That was the big move where Israel had to do something prior to. Now that they are fully in a hardened underground bunker with all the equipment, Israel now needs the help of the US and their ‘bunker buster’ bombs. So now its a place where Israel can’t do it alone without US technology.  So what now? Well the US president is up for election again as the world knows. Generally the presidents don’t want to get into a scuffle this close to an election, however, if Obama decides he is losing, the sure bet to stay in power is to start a war. The americans, and maybe other people groups, historically support the president if he goes to war, and therefore would reelect him so that he could finish what he started. So due to US elections, all that is in a holding pattern, with Israel patiently waiting to hear a yea or nay from the US. They WILL go it alone if absolutely necessary, their existence depends on it (at least humanly speaking). For me, I don’t worry about Israel, I believe biblically, prophetically God still has a definite special plan for them in the end times and He will ensure their safety, at least their identity though some, maybe many will get killed in the various battles that lead up to the big fights.


Its also been quiet of late on the whole mayan calendar thing, December 21st or whenever that is. I imagine that will really start rolling as we get within a week or two of that date with news stories of groups of people chanting, or holding ceremonies of some sort to either celebrate the occasion, to party like theres no tomorrow or whatever. I’m surprised at the lack of attention right now. The reason is, I believe this will be one of those BIG opportunities where Sunday Christians, and maybe much of the public start speaking like 2 peter 3:4. When that date comes and goes, this is what they will FINALLY have a chance to say:

2 Peter 3:4 They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.”

I think this is a prime opportunity for those weak in the faith to finally give up and say Hes never coming back. I think it works as a good catalyst to weed out the nominal christians. And if nothing happens, it will add fuel to the fire of all those against religion, at least against christianity. I think its a prime opportunity for people to fall away and that indeed is prophetic as well.

And I do believe this will come and go. There are other events that need to happen first so the world definitely won’t end on that date. It doesn’t mean however of course that satan can’t use that date to really make fun of the bible and christians.

So whats the next big thing? Most the countries are aligning and governments in place to all go to war against Israel, and thats where the bible says it needs to be, ie with Muslim Brotherhood controlling many of the ME countries now. Basher is one of the few ‘secular’ heads left so no doubt he would need to go. Its really an exciting period of time to be in, to have seen the arab spring and to watch the countries aline along religious lines. Its also amazing to see Gog (Russia) come back as a world power being lead by a dictator – don’t kid yourself, Putin is the strong man there and he holds full power (Putin expanding military). He is building his army back to where it was in the soviet days and he wants more control of the middle east. Hence the moves to strong hand policy there such as Syrian no fly zones.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s military will get 1,600 new warplanes and helicopters by 2020, President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday, as part of efforts to strengthen the country’s armed forces.

Putin has worked hard to restore pride in the Cold War-era superpower’s military since his first election in 2000.

The planned addition of 600 military planes and 1,000 helicopters is part of a 23 trillion rouble ($720 billion)program to re-equip a military still weakened by spending cuts prompted by the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.

I could go on, there is SO much happening and so many leaders and countries moving on the stage and into position, they really are lining up as the bible reveals.

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