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Here is the wordpress plugin of the, Auto-hyperlink URLs.

I have my own list of ‘essential’ plugins, I really should blog on that list but as soon as I do, there will be one more to add to the list. In fact, I guess I did blog at one time on my favourites, hmmm. here it is:

Top X Plugins for WordPress

I just found another though and its really a no brainer in most cases. Often I’ll have a short URL or email address that I would otherwise need to type, block, click the links button and such to linkify.. (and do note that the link option doesn’t have a check box saying ‘this is actually and email address I’m trying to link’. if you want to link an email, out of the box you need to append mailto: on the front of the email).

Well, now and probably forever there is a plugin that just scans for URLs or email addresses and links them. No more editing the HTML or using the link button! Works in most cases unless I have a long URL that I want to shorten… but then, why bother shortening unless its for posting on twitter or something right? And even then, they have their own auto shortening tools…

So here ya go, the auto link plugin.

It just works and saves a few clicks! Also saves mistyping of the links option.

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