I said it in my last blog. I enjoy the cool sunny mornings that come with September and fall weather. I had my coat on mowing the the lawn last night and my hat on and my hands were definitely cold after that. I was finishing clearing brush from a tree that had fallen over and getting what hopefully is the last lawn cutting done for the ‘big’ piece of property. Sure does look nice all mowed.

That is one of the satisfying things about mowing the lawn, how nice it looks after! Love PEI because we usually get to mow our lawns on a very regular basis. I say ‘usually’ because this summer was really dry and hot so I actually didn’t mow it that much. Just as well… gas prices are high :S

I’ve got my wood covered up and my seadoo and tractors. My shed is cleared out ready for a winter of use and tinkering in. Another thing I’ve said before is that I love our property. Its got SO much work to be done, so much potential. What that means is I get my pick of the projects, and I get to complete them to my own likely. I get to dream up what I want and get it done. My shed is a great example. I want to make it larger, add a stair case to the loft so I can make better use of it; I want to put in a sun roof / window thing so its more lit up inside during the day… I’d also like to get all my solar panels going on it – which are currently in storage – and actually use them for something, ie lighting, something that is bright enough during the night to work in there with. And during the winter, its obviously darker sooner so when I get off work and am finished supper, there isn’t much daylight left so thats a key thing.. Granted I do have a power cord running out there but it lays across the lawn, I really need to bury it.

This is our beverage preparation counter. See the bag of green on the left. Lindsey took this image and I pulled it from her blog which is linked below


In other news I’m roasting a pound of Yirgacheffe right now. One of my favourite beans so far and I’ve tried 5 different varieties so far. My favourite currently still is the stand by Columbian Supremo. One project on that side of things is a fan and hose to transport the smoke outside. Right now it totally smokes up the house :/ Its a hard life right.. the smell of roasting coffee throughout your living space?!

BTW, if you need green beans or roasted, check out: http://micahgallant.com/fresh-roast

You can order online. I definitely recommend trying your hand at roasting your own coffee. Great experience, you can’t mess it up too much and you’ll only get better at it. Can’t beat fresh roast coffee. I’m the only source I know about on the Island currently that sells green to the public. And my prices beat what it would cost you to purchase from an off Island source when you take into account the shipping costs.

Thats all for today.

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