This is actually something we’ll be seeing around here real soon, leaves are still green but this will come in October

Lately I’ve been busy with firewood, projects, license renewals, events (including the annual church corn boil) and other such things. Always the excuse when there are no blogs for a while.

The weather is cooling and we are getting a lot more rain now. I’ve had to mow the lawn almost twice in the same week due to the precipitation. This summer I actually left it for a couple weeks at a time which is abnormal.

Arden is now old enough to enjoy going on the lawntractor with me while I do yard work. She stayed outside with me for at least an hour the other day while I cleaned out the shed. I love the time that is now where I’m able to go outside and she can do her own thing with minimal supervision while I do other stuff. Great to get projects done outside and not have the leave Lindsey inside with the kids.

The nights are much cooler, still double digits for the most part, especially during the day so we aren’t heating yet exactly. A few cold nights we had the propane fireplace on but that was all. I think we’ve improved the draughtiness of the house a lot since we got it which means cheaper heating costs.

The UN speeches happened yesterday and I think continue today, speeches from Irans president and Israels prime minister. Some interesting details there if you aren’t following that.

On the prophetic side things continue to barrel towards the inevitable wars mentioned in the bible. The estimate is war with Iran from the US in 2013 – yes, they keep pushing it one more year… Time doesn’t just keep going though without them eventually getting a nuclear weapon and ┬áIsrael has already stated they wouldn’t let that happen.

Not to mention the WiiU is launching in November, so LOTS of things to watch and look forward to and enjoy. Apple picking season is upon us so we will be doing that soon. Fall is a really nice time, I have to say I actually am enjoying it.

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