No such thing as time

There is no such thing as time, so postulates this guy who is rethinking all the evolutionary assumptions of the beginnings of the universe. I somewhat would agree with what he is saying. Why? Well what. He says lines up with the bible.

“If you try to get your hands on time, it’s always slipping through your fingers,” says Barbour. “People are sure time is there, but they can’t get hold of it. My feeling is that they can’t get hold of it because it isn’t there at all.” Barbour speaks with a disarming English charm that belies an iron resolve and confidence in his science. His extreme perspective comes from years of looking into the heart of both classical and quantum physics. Isaac Newton thought of time as a river flowing at the same rate everywhere. Einstein changed this picture by unifying space and time into a single 4-D entity. But even Einstein failed to challenge the concept of time as a measure of change. In Barbour’s view, the question must be turned on its head. It is change that provides the illusion of time. Channeling the ghost of Parmenides, Barbour sees each individual moment as a whole, complete and existing in its own right. He calls these moments “Nows.”

God is outside of time, that's why He knows the beginning from the end, He sees us at all stages of life right NOW. It is as if time is a line, we are a dot on that line in the year 2012. God is standing beside that line and he can see both ends of it, and any part along it and interact with any point in time. If there is a construct of time, it's something created only for us and our world. We are destined to live in eternity however wh ether you know Jeus as saviour or not. We will all recognize eternity when this world passes away and then we will understand the 4 dimensions that we knew about while onthe earth and living. ( note that there are estimated to be about 10 dimensions that scientists have found or have seen clues about, that's a blog for another day though. I believe I wrote about string theory before though. Ill see if I can link that blog)

Isaiah 46:10 I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.

Remember also that God created time in the beginning when he made day and night. To me that is Him telling us He set up the constructs of time.

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